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Title: The "zero tolerance" policy - read before crying! [2007-02-19]
Post by: Søren Bjerg on May 21, 2005, 12:41:05 PM
As previously posted ( a "zero tolerance" policy is in effect in this system, and I'd like to take this moment to emphasize its existence by reposting the original policy, and then comment on what has been changed (in as few lines and words as possible... for those of you out there, who seem incapable of - and start crying if you have to - reading posts longer than a couple of lines).

The "zero tolerance" policy
It's getting much too annoying with the morons not understanding the simple concepts of the system, and because of that using it as their own little childhood playground, which in the end invalidates the system.

Let's take the possibility of specifying the nationality of a horde's members as an example:

  • This is NOT in place so you can say "lololol this flag looks cool lol i want it by my name lol" (or whatever fucked up reason you have) or set it according to some other stupid ingame horde concept (like the WW2 horde I deleted; no, I do not believe the three of you in the horde come from Germany, Iraq and the other nationality, which I can't remember).

  • It IS in place to make it possible to give an "accurate" overview of the nationalities (and amount of people from same) in a given horde - and in the game as a whole - as well as making it possible for people to easily finding people some a given nationality by "searching" for them. If someone doesn't want to show their real nationality, there's a "Not specified" nationality for the very same purpose!

As a result of this, I've gotten too fed up with trying to roll back the valid information of a horde by comparing with the changelog, so I don't really care anymore. If a horde thinks they're "oh, so smart" by invalidating the system (the above example being far from the only way I consider invalidating the system), I won't think twice about removing the horde permanently from the system (permanently meaning that those new entries the horde makes afterwards, to get back in the system, gets binned too), because I couldn't really care less about your pathetic little horde, if you decide to take a shit on my system.

Despite being of equally moronic and annyoing nature, being incapable of reading and understanding that the URL to a horde's site and forum MUST begin with http:// and inserting hyphens in ICQ UINs (where they have no place), is not affected by the "zero tolerance" policy (although it probably should)!

The "zero tolerance" policy of today and the future
Ok, I know I promised to do this in as few words and lines as possible... but I got a better idea; let's run through the fields available to a horde administrator and round up the "DOs and DON'Ts", because even though the help text clearly states the format of several fields, people still don't seem to get it. Here goes:

Duplicate entries throughout the system? NO!
Despite safeguards now having been put in place to avoid duplicate hordes and horde members being added to the system (after a certain horde failed to understand the usage of the horde listing itself, as well as the search functionality), littering it with redundant data, it's of course possible to bypass these safeguards by eg. adding or changing a letter here and there in the name. This will NOT be tolerated either.

Changing an old horde entry into a new horde is cool, right? NO! NEW
One purpose of the system is to serve as a historical overview of the hordes having populated the game from when the system was initially launched. When some horde leader of a previous dayfly (or longer existing, Odin forbid!) horde decides to start up yet another new horde and use his previous horde entry as a base for it, the system is being forced into non-compliance with this purpose, and that is far from advisable to do, should the horde leader want his old or new horde to exist in the system!

I'm still too stupid to understand what will happen to my horde?
Calling it a "zero tolerance" policy is probably misleading, as a horde usually won't be flushed from the system after the first offense. I usually fix what's wrong, and make a mental note of it (not to forget about the automatic changelog running behind the pretty HTML). Are the changes I make then changed back by the horde in question (once or twice, might fix it again, might not), the horde gets it - bye, bye <insert horde name>.
Title: Re: The "zero tolerance" policy - read before crying!
Post by: Søren Bjerg on October 21, 2005, 05:59:34 PM
Updated with "Duplicate entries throughout the system? NO!" paragraph.
Title: Re: The "zero tolerance" policy - read before crying!
Post by: Søren Bjerg on February 19, 2007, 06:18:38 PM
Updated with "Changing an old horde entry into a new horde is cool, right? NO!" paragraph.