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Title: 2006-03-30
Post by: Søren Bjerg on March 30, 2006, 01:07:20 PM

RUNE HORDES dot INFO Tournament 2006!

Pillaging! Elimination! Conquest!

The RUNE HORDES dot INFO Tournaments are attempts at bringing new and different kinds of organized hordewars to the community, offering a variation not yet seen in the tournaments and leagues run in the game so far.

More information about the RHdIT is available on the RHdIT forums (

RUNE World Championship 2006!

With the sign ups closed off for new contestants and team selection wars out of the way as well, the ball has finally been kicked off, so to speak - this year's RUNE World Championship is in session!

More information about the RWC is available on the RWC website (

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