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Title: The IRCC
Post by: Mr.Wood on April 16, 2007, 03:08:50 PM
Greetings - I bring you news from the Rune Community

Hello, some of you might know me, some of you might have heard of me and some of you might not even know who I am.
So, i guess it would be in place with an proper introduction to everyone:
My name is Karl but my Rune nick is Mr_Wood
I come from Norway, but in Rune i represent the whole world, for I am the leader of the International Rune Community Comity.
The IRCC is all about to improve the Rune community, I have seen a lot of people whining over the community, a lot of cheaters etc. But, I am here to spread optimism, Its been a couple of months now since i made the IRCC and many of you have signed up in the forums.
One thing we in the IRCC have in mind, and also one of our goals is to interact more with people around the earth, instead of fighting the same people all day we can get to know each other more and make a more compact community, for how many of you enter a Euro server each day?
Not many, not opposit either from the Euro side, but we plan to improve that, and also to hold more tournaments, a lot of small ones but also large ones. It will proporly be us that take care of the next RCL.

I will explain more later in this post if you care to read, but now I am here to encurage everyone to sign up in the new website that have been created for the IRCC.
Bookmark either or and find out all the new features

Continuation - About the IRCC (optional reading)

(copied from the official website)

Welcome to the International Rune Community Comity

First of let me introduce you to what the IRCC actually is:
The IRCC was formed to try making the Rune community more organised, more complete, more gathered and more fun. I am going to take each point and explain it easily for you.

More Organised
It’s just to admit it; the current rune community is chaos, people cheat, the servers are all out of order (by that I mean that there are no real overview of them), and many old Runers are unhappy. The IRCC will try to organise the Rune community to the point where it is easy for anyone to get an overview. For instance: If you want a clan war it is just to ask on the IRCC forum (if we don’t get a better system over it) and soon enough someone will answer, and some moderator will write in a note under the server that will be used, that it will be used at that time like

Basically making the Rune community “More Organised”

More Complete
Now, what do I mean by more complete: Rune is a game that has a lot to it actually, it’s properly the only game in the world that has that combination of game play with multiplayer, and that makes the game unique. But lately most people use the same kind of weapons and do the same things over and over again, but sure its fun and many people prefer this. BUT it does not hurt to try something else for a change, for instance try out some Sarkball or Capture the Torch some times, using all the sides of the game – making it “More Complete”

More Gathered
Rune is spread out to the entire world (though most the western world) and we in Europe got less or nothing contact with those on the American side. But also the Rune community is pretty international, making people play with other people from all kinds of origins.
This is a good thing making us be more acceptable over other countries and backgrounds.
But the community is hardly in touch with each other; sure people talk to each other but with a community this small it is no big deal for everyone to know everyone, also between Europe and America. This will also be one of the IRCC’s goals, so help us make Rune “More Gathered”

More Fun
Ok, so you’ve read much till now and you just got a little bit left:
Rune is a fun game, with many great people, many great servers, forums etc. but it can become greater. With greater I mean: More organised, More complete and More Gathered.
Try to get the community more together, get old Rune pals to start playing again, make the community bigger. And of course we need more tournaments and events taking place.
Join the forum and help make Rune become “More Fun”!

If you got a question then you can either ask it in the Community Forum or send a PM to one in The Rune Comity Group.

I hope you all will want the same as we do: To make the rune community better for the all of us!