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Title: Declarations of war [2007-08-13]
Post by: Søren Bjerg on July 19, 2007, 05:51:09 AM
The deadline for signing up your team is the midnight between September 1st and September 2nd.

While the RUNE HORDES dot INFO tournaments base themselves around the hordes in the community engaging each other in battles, Maim! Mangle! Mutilate! deviates slightly from this setup by allowing the participating teams to be composed according to the three following team composition schemes:

Teams must sign up with at least three members, and upon signing up the active and inactive members as registered within the RUNE HORDES dot INFO system are automatically signed up. This list may be modified up until the start of the tournament. Also, only one team per horde is allowed.

Remember to read the introduction ( to the tournament and the rules ( before signing up your team!

Sign up your team here! (