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Title: Declarations of war [2007-04-08]
Post by: Søren Bjerg on July 19, 2007, 08:45:50 AM
The eight declarations of war required to start up a proper tournament have now been received and accepted, the tournament has begun, and it is thus no longer possible to declare war on the other hordes!

Simply post a new topic (;board=56.0) with the name of your horde (if your horde is not already listed in the drop down list, which is auto generated from the active HoV-playing hordes in the RHI system, please post a request for it to be added (;board=56.0)), and the name of the map you wish to claim ownership of.

  • The maps chosen as home maps should be either official or third party maps, which work well in a team oriented environment and have been publicly and easily available for at least three months (for the sake of fairness; so hordes do not end up with newly created/previously secret maps only they know and have used to perfect their team play with -- despite the tournaments general desire to enhance the feeling of "home and away").

    During and following the sign up phase, the other opponents having signed up for the tournament are allowed to deny usage of a given map (majority rules - with myself having the final word) should they not feel the map fit for a team oriented environment. If a map is denied usage, it is of course unavailable to any other horde!

2007-07-19: Replacement of the global announcement previously used to show this information...