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RUNE's 5th Birthday!
« on: October 05, 2005, 11:33:28 AM »
As posted by Laurie on the official Forums:

"Happy Birthday RUNE!"

It was about this time, the RUNE Demo was released 5 years ago in early/mid Oct 2000. The Full Game came out later in the month. Dark's Coop came out later and Rune HOV early in 2001.

At first, while we waited, there was alot of "RPG like" Threads in "Biting the Shield". When this site was "Ragnarok", we acted out "fights" and wrote stories before the demo/full game came out. A few of those "battles" lasted several pages with alot of contributers. Wish I had kept more of those.

"Ragnarok: The Offical Fansite of RUNE" had already been changed over to " Offical Website of Human Head Studios' RUNE" that September. I was running a HP 120 up til that time. Then traded for a 433 eMachine with an ATI ProRage Turbo so I could play the demo/full game. Even with most of the settings pulled down, RUNE's "eye candy" was wonderful and richly textured. Found it's 3rd person movements far less frustrating and more "alive" than anything else I ever played before. It was not until the following March 2001, that I finally entered the MP servers. Found having Dialup could be first. But learned to adapt and work it to my advantage. As MP, it was everything I had read and heard about Multiplayer. "Dying"/Respawn and having a ball. As SP, it still is great fun.

Over the years, there have been changes. From just three forums, it became 10 and now 8 ("RUNE for Mac" was combine with "RUNE for PC" and "RuneHordes" was dropped) Community members left for various reasons....most come back eventually. We weathered pranksters, "scriptkiddies" and a "2004 holiday" attack on all GoDgames servers. Our forums being down while the problems were worked out. Then GoD folded but Take2 took over and with Rockstargames webtech help, site/forums came back stronger. They managed to figure out GoD's encrypted coding so the web content can be updated on a regular basis.

I have played various FPS, RPG, Adventure and even other 3rd person games since before coming online in 1996. RUNE is closest to my heart with PC gaming, just as all of you are. Met alot of talented men and women in the website and just plain "gaming folk". You have taught me alot in what makes a "gamer" and what a gaming community can be.

Some of you think I am paid to be Runegame's Admin. Either by Kazi or Human Head. Acting as "nightwatch" over the boards until the wee mornings since becoming moderator in March 2000 and then Admin a short time later.....Nope.

What time I give is done freely and all from the heart.

RUNE and Rune:HOV has established it's niche. When other games are left moldering somewhere, RUNE/HOV gets dusted off and played. Or was never taken off. Like other favorite/popular ones, RUNE/Rune HOV still keeps going and has established a "Cult" status. Insuring it being played for a very long time and be found by fledgling warriors.

"Raises a birthday horn"

The RUNE of today... is like attending the Special Olympics of trampoline jumping.