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RUNE World Championship 2006!

It has been a long three years since the nations of the RUNE community shed blood and guts on the battlefields, but now it is finally time again. So if you take pride in your nation and want to show the other nations a well deserved lesson, this is your time to shine!

More information about the RWC is available on the RWC website.

RUNE Clan League 2005/2006!

The RCL 05/06 came to its end with the finals fought between Rage and REY, both hordes which had yet to lose a match within the RCL. An hour of slaughtering each other's forces in the great halls of Fentox and Thorstadt resulted in Rage coming out victorious, so congratulations to Rage on taking home the trophies.

1st Place: Rage
2nd Place: REY
3rd Place: Gaiscedach

More information about the RCL is available on the RCL website.

The RUNE: Halls of Valhalla 1.08 update!

This entirely user created update for RUNE features a host of new bug fixes, updates, features and new content for the game we all love... and is fully authorized and endorsed by Human Head Studios! The update has been long overdue, but thanks to a crew that was not willing to give up, it's finally here for all of us to enjoy. Some of the bigger things that have been addressed include, but are not limited to:

* Download redirection; it has finally been implemented! This means that it is now possible to host a game server with third party creations without having to suffer from the download lag it can result in. This is done by placing the third party creations on an online file host and configure RUNE to use the download redirection. In addition to the lessened lag, the client's download speed is increased dramatically - allowing you to get in the game much faster!

* Compressed files; it's not possible to place your third party creations used on the server in a single zip file (with a smaller file size than the overall download of every single file), which will be downloaded from the server itself.

* Retro behavior; RUNE:HoV 1.08 allows you to configure your server to fully or partially behave like a RUNE 1.00/1.01 server, in an attempt to finally unite the players in RUNE and thus increase the player pool.

* Exploitation fixes; a slew of bugs that permitted players to cheat their way online through the game have been fixed.

* Server administration improvements; the RUNE Webadmin has been revamped with new features and controls, and the RUNE Server control tabs have also been renewed with many new controls to ease the management of your server.

Please view the full readme for further information, as there are so many new things that they can't all be named here. The readme can be found at along with a download link to the update itself.

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