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Introduction to the tournament
« on: March 30, 2006, 01:05:34 PM »
First of all, the RUNE HORDES dot INFO Tournaments are attempts at bringing new and different kinds of organized hordewars to the community, offering a variation not yet seen in the tournaments and leagues run in the game so far.

Here's the lowdown on what the first one is going to be like:

Pillaging! Elimination! Conquest!


  • A currently undefined number of hordes (depending on the interest shown in the tournament as well as the reliability of the hordes wanting to participate) are to battle it out in a Double Elimination tournament scheme, sporting a winning bracket for initially winning hordes and a losing bracket for initially losing hordes. While this has been done before, and is hardly new and different from other tournaments in the community, the following concept is what takes it beyond the established norms.

  • Before the start of the tournament, during the sign up phase, each horde selects a map. This map is going to be the horde's home map, and is unique to the tournament (so one horde and only one horde can have eg. DM-Thorstadt as their home map). The map can be chosen from a range of available game types such as Team Deathmatch, Arena, Headball, Capture The Torch and others - as long as the game type allows teaming. The hordes can thus choose a map to play in, which favours their preferences in playing the game.

  • Each battle between two hordes is made up by two rounds; one round in the home map, and one round in the away map. The away map being the opponent's home map. In case of intercontinental battles, US players can of course choose to play their home map on a US server, and the EU players can choose to play their home map on a EU server - enhancing the feeling of being home defending your territory or away from home attacking the territory of your opponent.

    The winner of the battle and thus the horde to advance in the tournament is logically enough the horde to have won the most rounds (in this case the horde to win both of the rounds in a battle). In case of a tie between the rounds, the winning horde is the horde with the highest cumulative frag count.

  • If a round is lost on a horde's home map, the opponent horde gains ownership of the map. The more away maps won by a horde, the more maps become available to the team to call their home map. The losing team, on the other hand, is now without a home map, and is then forced to play rounds in wilderness maps. It can be discussed between the hordes to battle whether the Bleed to Death mutator should be used during rounds played in wilderness maps... for that extra challenge.

    A horde is only allowed ownership of a maximum of two maps at any given time, so if a horde gains ownership of a third map, it has to be decided which of the maps to discard (and effectively make unavailable for the remainder of the tournament).

    From a timeline point of view, the two rounds in a battle happen simultaneously, so an attacking horde winning over a defending horde can't use the defending horde's home map as their home map when the roles are switched.

  • The grand final is to be played against the winners of the two brackets, where the losing bracket winning horde must win over the winning bracket horde twice to win the entire tournament. The first map to be played in the final is the winning bracket horde's home map. If the losing bracket horde manages to win, the second map to be played is the other map the winning bracket horde has ownership of.

  • For sake of simplicity, the tournament can be run using a Single Elimination scheme. Running the tournament this way eliminates the losing bracket matches and thus the need for wilderness maps.


  • The version of the game the tournament is to be played in is RUNE: Halls of Valhalla.

  • The servers to play the battles on are to have the following configuration:
    - No frag limit.
    - 30 minutes time limit.
    - Weapons stay when picked up, but should not be picked up automatically.
    - 6 open player slots (battles are fought by three of each of the signed up hordes' members).
    - No spectator slots.
    - Hardcore game style.
    - Variable game speed (see below for clarification).

  • Variable game speed: in order to level the playing field, there is to be no set game speed forced upon the hordes throughout the tournament, but instead a variable game speed set per battle and decided prior to battle between the involved hordes. Within the boundaries of minimum 100% and maximum 110% game speed, the hordes can either come to terms with a single game speed to use for their battle, or state each their preference - resulting in a game speed of the average of the two (rounded down in case of decimal results).

    As with server selection, EU based hordes can play their home map at 100% game speed, and a US based horde can play their home map at 110% game speed - again to enhance the feeling of being home defending your territory or away from home attacking the territory of your opponent.

  • During the battles fought throughout the tournament it is fully legal to perform chat-, pickup- and spawnkilling. It is war after all, and since the goal of the whole thing is to eliminate your opponents and take control over their earthly possessions, no mercy should be shown.

  • During the battles it is absolutely forbidden to make use of any kind of console hacking, animation abuse, bug exploitation, client- or serverside hacks, cheats and bots of any kind, or whatever else such way there is to get yourself an advantage over your opponents. This includes "rapid mouse jerking".

    Any kind of flooding of the screen with text - harmful in nature or not - either through player based chat messages (binds or not) or trigger based messages (such as Shaman's Talisman in DM-Misbegotten) should not find place during the course of battles either due to its disruptive nature. Likewise should mass suicides (also known as suicide spamming) or excessive use of the suicide command never ever find place while playing the battles.

  • Only standard RUNE skins are to be used, excluding the sark and zombie skins. HoV specific skins are not to be used due to incompatibilities between the English and German versions of the game (players with a German HoV using HoV specific skins become invisible to players with an English HoV - joining a German HoV server with an English HoV using a HoV specific skin isn't possible). No custom skins should be used either.

  • Battles are to be fought by the players signed up with the horde in the beginning of the tournament - and those players only. Because of this, hordes should make sure only to sign up with reliable members. Sign up your horde in this board.

  • Failure to comply with these rules will be rewarded by letting your opponent proceed in the tournament - instead of your own horde.


While the idea behind the tournament might be sound in theory, I have no idea about how it will work in reality. Regardless of how it works out, it will definitely be a learning experience, and through the result it shall be known whether any future RUNE HORDES dot INFO tournaments should be arranged, when the time is right,... or plain and simply scrapped.

I do hope people will embrace the idea and give it a chance. I'm open to well thought out suggestions.

The concept of RUNE HORDES dot INFO Tournament 2006: Pillaging! Elimination! Conquest! is the intellectual property of Ragnartal1ty and should not be plagiarised or otherwise replicated - whether in full or in gist - without written permission.
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Re: Introduction to the tournament
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2006, 10:14:17 AM »
The tournament has been cancelled due to lack of interest from the community.
The RUNE of today... is like attending the Special Olympics of trampoline jumping.