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MIA: Wilderness maps
« on: April 07, 2006, 09:12:08 AM »
NOTICE: This thread is a Work In Progress and is subject to change without notice!
No information contained herein should be taken as final information.

As mentioned in the Introduction to the tournament, the hordes in the losing bracket are to play their battles in wilderness maps due to their lack of territorial ownership. Sadly, I can't seem to recall seeing any wilderness maps already in the game, so here's a cry for help from the competent mappers in this community for some quality maps.


What I'm looking for are maps primarily depicting the look and atmosphere of World of Warcraft maps such as The Barrens [1] [2], Desolace [1] [2] and Badlands [1] [2]; barren and desolate maps with an absolute minimum - if any at all - of vegetation and inhabitation. The kind of maps that dries out your throat and makes you catch for your breath due to the immense heat.

Weapons to be picked up throughout the maps should be scarce, and the respawn times very long. High caliber weapons should be avoided as much as possible. Built-in weapon quality degradation (a weapon does less and less damage as it's used and ends up breaking apart in the end), if possible, would be really great. Weapon pickups should be found in "logical" places, examples being in areas where a former battle had found place or by a slain creature (skulls and bones) - not just some more or less random place out in the open.

Very little food should be found in the maps, and as with weapons the food should be found in "logical" places. With the Tweaked Runes Classic mutator, the opponents themselves could be food!

Patrolling critters (like a pack of goblins) could be spawned at random (rarely or commonly) times in one relevant location of the map and follow a set route through the map along a road or something.

Interesting mutators which could be built-in or attached to the maps;
* Bleed to Death (players take DoT bleed damage when a bodypart is cut off).
* Tweaked Runes Classic (for the cannibalism functionality).
* Volatile Weapons (as also touched upon above).

Remember, it's not supposed to be easy to survive in the wilderness!
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Re: MIA: Wilderness maps
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2006, 06:29:59 AM »
I would make it like when horde loses all it's lands players of it respawn with less health or their weapon strike weaker or something like that.