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ItloS 2 Tournament!

Bohne of Cannibal Corpse has kicked off the ball for the second instance of the "In the league of Satan" tournament by putting up the Itlos 2 website.

More information about ItloS 2 is available on the ItloS 2 website.

RUNE HORDES dot INFO Tournament 2006!

The RUNE HORDES dot INFO Tournament 2006 has been cancelled due to lack of interest from the community.

More information about the RHdIT is available on the RHdIT forums.

RUNE World Cup 2006!

Having entered the third week of the RWC, the tournament is well on its way - despite difficulties with getting a number of matched played.

More information about the RWC is available on the RWC website.

Message Of The Day Archive!

Message Of The Day updates of older dates can be found on the forums.

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