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Show your support to help make Rune free
« on: May 11, 2007, 08:30:11 PM »
theres been growing support to make rune free to distribute, this would help rune live on and many other things, so please help us by showing your support in one or two ways.

1. sign/post a comment to show ur support on the official rune game forums thread, with this we can show support on a personal level
even if u have to sign up on the runegame forums to post, do it, the more support the better the chance

if ur too lazy to do that please:

2. sign the petition, please jsut take the time to sign the petition which can be found here:

To:  HumanHead and Producers of Rune
First off, I want to say we recognize Rune, Runegold and Rune:HOV as Human Heads' intellectual property and recognize their full rights over it, we aren't asking HH to give up its rights over its property, only to make the game free to download/play/distrbute. Rune has been around for along time now (7 or 8 years) and fewer and fewer people play every year. We the Rune community, ask Human head to make RuneGold(or any Rune, [Rune 1.00, linux and mac]if RuneGold is asking too much) legally free to download for all, allowing for Rune to live longer and prosper.

Many companies have done this in the past, making a older game's retail version free to download, it helps spark intrest in both the Company and the game, giving them a larger overall fanbase.

Some examples of companies who have done this:

Savage: S2 Games,, made their original game "Savage" free to download and play, this boosted Savage players/fans and will help them when they finish Savage 2 which they are currently working on.

F.E.A.R.: Sierra,, made their game "F.E.A.R."'s multiplayer free to download and play, this also boosted fanbase and encouraged people to buy the single player expansion and the new expansion pack which is comming out soon.

those are just 2 examples, there are many of other companies who do this.

Why Rune should be free to download and play:

1. Increased interest in HH and its company/games. Making Rune free would familiarize more people with Human Head and its products. When people hear a game is free they tend to rush to get it, many people would play a free game over a game that costs money. For example Runescape, the internet MMORPG, ( many people play this game over other games because its free.

2. Rune is old, its almost 7 or 8 yrs old now, most people wouldnt considering BUYING a game that is that old and that they have never heard of. However, many people would at least give Rune a chance if it was free.

3. Give breath to the Rune fanbase and community, we are dieing. Fewer and fewer people play every year, I fear in a few years there may only be 10 servers with 3 players when I look at the server list. Making Rune free would boost players allowing for rune to live longer and prosper for some time.

4. Rune 2: In case HumanHead ever decides to make a sequel to Rune/HOV, it will be more well known, have a larger fanbase and even greater support.

5. There is little current support for Rune, RuneGold (and no other versions), is only being sold for PC, linux and mac are no longer made. Rune gold is not shipped outside the U.S.

6. Prey and Prey 2, HH is doing great with Prey, so do you really need the revenue from selling RuneGold(PC) for $16? If Rune was free it would also increase interest in prey, people playing Rune would see that HumanHead made it, when they hear Prey is also done by HH they may decide to buy it. (i did :P)

7. Old and New Players: Many players of Rune , both old and new have stoped playing simply because of problems like their Rune CDs are scratched, lost, or they reformatted their computer and cannot find a place to buy new Rune games, especially Rune players of RuneMAC, RuneLinux, Rune 1.00. Also people in Europe cannot have Rune shipped to them There are many different situations.

Making Rune free would give Rune a chance, to be not forgotten in the dust, which is the road Rune is currently on.

So we ask HH, make Rune LEGALLY free to distribute? We (the community) will even host the download if that is a problem. or AT LEAST release the unsupported versions of rune (Rune1.00,RuneMAC,RuneLinux)

Even if not right away, we ask that Human Head Studios and other Producers of Rune consider it in the near future.