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Pillage! Eliminate! Conquer!

The matches for the third round of the tournament have been announced on the RHI forum, where more information about the tournament can be found, and the participants have until the late night of 30th May to submit their reports from the battlefields.

The R-League - Play until you Puke!

Still in the sign up phase, the R-League puts mixed teams of three to five players against each other in a Team DeathMatch setting. More information and sign ups at the R-League forum.

Calling all 1.08 users

Lär has released a 1.08a patch, which should correct the issues below! Click here for patch notes and a download link!

As posted on the Forums, Lär is looking for people with the v1.08 patch installed who may have experienced one or more of the following issues:

__* Custom scoreboards not displaying (SATools2, BMScoreboard, etc.).
__* Hang at "Connecting" when trying to join a 1.08 server.
__* Other players using HOV and non-default skins are invisible in 1.08 servers.
__* When trying to join another 1.08 server, you loopback to the server you were previously on.
__* Game crashes if testing maps locally in non-dedicated mode, then you decide to join another 1.08 server.

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