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Title: 2007-08-04
Post by: Søren Bjerg on August 04, 2007, 11:00:36 AM

The RUNE CACHE dot INFO Project

A new RUNE content website, the RUNE CACHE dot INFO project, has been launched and is accepting new and old material. Check it out!

Can your horde maim, mangle and mutilate?!

The Maim! Mangle! Mutilate! 2007: Low Caliber Edition tournament has opened up for sign ups, so if you believe your horde to be capable of leaving behind a trail of slaughter - regardless of the tools provided - and is not afraid of venturing out of your comfort zone to face other similarly restricted hordes in combat, head over to the Maim! Mangle! Mutilate! website and submit your declaration of war on the other hordes in the community by signing up for participation in the tournament! It is also possible to find much more information about the tournament itself on the website.

The R-League - Play until you Puke!

Up-to-date information available on the R-League forum.

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