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RUNE Clan League Masters I!

As a follow-up to the most recent RCL, there's a new tournament with even higher prestige in the making. Suffixed with Masters, this is a tournament for only the most capable hordes in the (HoV) community. A tournament comparable to the UEFA Champions League in the world of football, according to Vidar who is one of the administrators of the tournament.

Right off the bat, the top four hordes of the RCL 2005/2006 (Rage, REY, Gaiscedach and WTN) were given a direct invitation to take part in the tournament without any need for further qualification. A similar invitation was given to Redeemer and Sacred due to their participation in the tournament administration team.

This leaves open two more spots for hordes wanting to take part in the tournament, so if your horde is interested, there is still time to sign up for the qualification rounds, which are scheduled to start on April 24th. The tournament itself is to lauch May 1st.

 More information about the RCL Masters I is available on the RCL forums.

RUNE World Cup 2006!

As posted by Sardonic on the RWC forums, the tournament has been temporarily halted due to Lanza's most recent stunt of posting cheats and exploits on the official RUNE Forums for the entire community to snatch and utilize for themselves.

The tournament is to be picked up again as development of a mutator to counter the posted cheats and exploits finishes development. Hopefully it will kick off properly this time, as the tournament is already ten matches behind in schedule.

 More information about the RWC is available on the RWC website.

ItloS 2 Tournament!

Three administrators have been found for the tournament and Bohne is still on the lookout looking for two more objective players to help the tournament progress properly. Also, a date for the start of the tournament has been set, and as it is when the qualification rounds of the RCL Masters I begin, April 24th, horde should get a move on and sign themselves up for the tournament if interested.

 More information about ItloS 2 is available on the ItloS 2 website.

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