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RUNE MMORPG seeking experienced mapppers!

The team behind the Lost Tower project is currently looking for three or more experienced mappers to help them complete their project. If you are interested and have at least six months of experience in using the Unreal editor and is proficient in making big open maps with terrain, mountains and the like, you can find more information on the official RUNE forum as well as the Lost Tower forum.

The R-League - Play until you Puke!

An upcoming league also currently in the sign up phase, the R-League puts mixed teams of three to five players against each other in a Team DeathMatch setting. More information and sign ups at the R-League forum.

Pillage! Eliminate! Conquer!

Pillage! Invade the village or territory of another horde with the purpose of robbing the inhabitants of their worthily possessions and assault the women (and livestock) with sexual intent!
Eliminate! Go head to head with the enemy horde and brutally slaughter the defending forces leaving the village or territory wide open to unhindered pillaging!
Conquer! Or just decimate the defending forces and humiliate the remainder of the enemy horde by taking control of their village or territory and populating it with your own horde!

If you think your horde has got what it takes to become the most powerful and feared horde in the community, head over to the RHI forum and declare war on the other hordes in the community - but hurry! If you are too late, your village or territory may have been taken over by an enemy horde already, forcing you to settle for less! The deadline has been set in stone for 8th April!

Think you master one of more weapon types?

Then you should check out The Weapon Mastery event held through the International Rune Community Comity and challenge the current master of the event. More information can be found on the IRCC forum.

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News updates of older dates can be found on the RUNE HORDES dot INFO forums.
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