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Pillage! Eliminate! Conquer!

The matches for the first round of the tournament have been announced on the RHI forum, where much more information about the tournament can still be found, and the participants have until the night of 22nd April to do their fighting.

The R-League - Play until you Puke!

Still in the sign up phase, the R-League puts mixed teams of three to five players against each other in a Team DeathMatch setting. More information and sign ups at the R-League forum.

RUNE MMORPG seeking experienced mapppers!

The team behind the Lost Tower project is currently looking for three or more experienced mappers to help them complete their project. If you are interested and have at least six months of experience in using the Unreal editor and is proficient in making big open maps with terrain, mountains and the like, you can find more information on the official RUNE forum as well as the Lost Tower forum.

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News archives

News updates of older dates can be found on the RUNE HORDES dot INFO forums.
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