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Maim! Mangle! Mutilate!

Scheduled for the season of Fall 2007 comes another RUNE HORDES dot INFO  Tournament:

Maim! Mangle! Mutilate! 2007: Low Caliber Edition

# This tournament is an adaption of the rules and guidelines of the Low Caliber Club, and is an attempt at bringing back the genuinely good fights to the game, in contrast to the instagib game play currently corrupting the game, by limiting the weaponry available to the participants to the first two tiers of the three weapon classes; the viking short sword, the roman sword, the rusty mace, the bone club, the hand axe and finally the goblin axe.

# Based on the Single Elimination tournament scheme, hordes are to fight their way to the finale, in wars of two maps, to prove their worth as the tournament's best "battlefield surgeons", knocking their opponents out of the tournament as they advance through the rounds.

While the tournament is still in the preliminary phase, it is now possible to sign up your horde (in advance), which will also help gauge the interest in the tournament.

More information is available on the RHI MMM forums.

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