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RUNE - powered by Steam!

Laurie "the DeepMinded" Wise, Goddess/Administrator, to the official RUNE Facebook community:

The release date for Human Head Studios "Rune Classic 1.10" to Steam is June 8th (barring any delays).
Human Head is requesting server hosts to contact them for prep information regarding MP.
Server hosters please contact them at

Note: The new Steam 1.10 version includes a "compatability mode" to allow Rune 1.07 players to join 1.01 servers!!
Basically need to restart the game to allow the new executables to reload original packages.

Two promotional YouTube videos can be seen at


"We are considering a sequel to the cult hit classic Rune!" - Human Head Studios.

Support the RUNE community - The official RUNE community (work in progress).
RuneGame on Facebook - The official RUNE community on Facebook.
RUNE HORDES dot INFO - The RUNE horde listing. - RUNE content website.
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